22x17' music room: $20/hr
Recording Engineer: $20/hr
Instrument Rental: $5/hr
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Music Room

  • 22′ x 16′ (350 square feet).
  • 11.5′ ceiling (4,065 cubic feet).
  • Mixed carpet and hardwood flooring.

Sound Isolation

  • Room-within-a-room construction.
  • Double walls, windows, and doors.
  • No walls shared with neighbors.

Acoustic Treatments

  • Wooden baffles on ceiling and walls.
  • Corner bass traps and diffusers.
  • Harmonically voiced for classical instruments.
  • Foam-insulated double door to control room/lounge.


  • The studio room is rented at a rate of $20 per hour.
    This includes microphone, mixer, and PA use. Additional gear (amps, drums, etc) is $5 an hour.
  • NEW: Rent 5 hours and get the 6th for free!
  • NEW: Get a free hour for referring a friend!
  • NEW: Monthly rental: $200 for one guaranteed night each week, including gear use.

Gear and instrument rental, session musician, engineer, or production costs are separate.


Video services are also available, including recording your band’s rehearsal or making a music video. Visit evanlanam.com for video examples.


To tour the space and take a look at our equipment, email info@oceanbeachstudio.com or call 415-735-1730 during business hours.


To book studio time, check our Calendar, then use our Contact form or call 415-735-1730.